As you may have noticed Mr Bubble Head is a Pug dog. Born on the 1st of August 2006 he is part of a litter of 4, having 1 brother and 2 sisters. Although he was the smallest in the litter he instantly won the hearts of his new owners by happily sitting on their knees, instead of running off and wanting to play.

No bigger than a small rabbit at 8 weeks old he caused much amusement to all who laid eyes on him. His curiosity saw him crawling under chairs and into cubbyholes, not even an especially purchased XXsmall harness could contain his enthusiasm as he simply walked straight through it. However, as his appetite for life grew so, inevitably, has his appetite for food and he is now quite a 'roly-poly Pug’.


* He Loves Opera Music! * He loves running up & down stairs!

*He Loves to travel in cars * He thinks leaves are special little presents!