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Welcome to BernieWorld, brought to you by the genius of BernieStar, also known as Bernadette McLoughlin. Feel free to email me if you like my art or would like me to produce something for you. I have divided up some examples into Cheeky Art and Fine Art, so you can see the breadth of my work.

BernieWorld www.bernieworld.co.uk, the web-home of the Creative Artist Bernadette McLoughlin. The site is also accessible through www.berniestar.co.uk, which is derived from the artist's pseudonym, BernieStar. Bernadette is based in the Manchester area of North West England and has a history in teaching art but now works freelance on her own portfolio, including cheeky art, fine art and textile art, a selection of which is shown on the web-site.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bernie and her excuberant characters, BernieStar and her loveable pug Mr Bubble Head. Click on Enter BernieWorld if you'd like to see where she lives, otherwise click Skip Introduction to go straight to the site.

(c) Bernadette McLoughlin.